This Song Will Uncure Your Depression

Final piece for a hip hop songwriting course.



[Verse 1]
Due to unfortunate circumstances, I'm in Detroit
Fourteen hours in the air my legs don't feel great
The violent vibration is worsening my condition
There's no way I'm already out of UTC+8

[Verse 2]
I never ask for help, the things under my belt
The shame when I depend, the pride let me do it again
But when I close my eyes, when I cuddle my blåhaj
I wish it was someone, someone make me warm inside

Why am I not getting what I deserve?
You said the grades won't be on a curve
Look at my algo it's big O(no)
Well in fact never mind now I see why
I'd rather spend a night with Turing
Than the silicon I'm abusing
And the patience I'm losing
Shut it down, you see we're cruising

Will you be
At the party after another divide?
I can't afford
The dawn's early light, oh yeah

[Verse 3]
I woke up late and I missed the bus (fuck)
I guess that just what happens when you don't have a car
The more I learned, the harder it become
Your self esteem-ate only goes so far

[Verse 4]
I'm walking (I'm walking)
I'm walking by the willow trees and watching (I'm watching)
Watching out for the stupid geese
Und ich kann davon erzählen, wie die Schmerzen fangen an



[Bridge (Instrumental)]

[Chorus] Copy Copied Failed Close