Play Play Diag 2:14

"Diag" is my entry to Fedivision 2024, representing the Sacred Municipality of Deez Nuts, [DEEZ]. I wrote about it on my blog.


[Verse 1]
Pharmacy, neon lights, red cross, big signs
Corner store, overpass and lines
Motorbike, car horn, bus stop
Plastic wrap, tip jar, pesticide

Chewing gum, bubble tea, take out dine in
Stencil spray, red blue green tape
I believe you're not to blame
I believe you're not to

[Verse 2]
The only place in the world that I don't hate
Is my bed when my clock strikes eight
Past ten, gimme two more, might check again
Another day goes to waste, I don't care

Bring it back, I want to be entertained
Just to laugh at the feline impulse to be constrained
Four walls, plus two, take one, that's a well
For us to live in as pennies fell

(You can blame me for everything
But you know what you did)

[Repeat Verse 1] Copy Copied Failed Close