Demos (Winter 2024)

Play Play 03 Rust 0:36

Keyboard was bought. Music was jammed. Fun was had.

Except track 1, it was made in LMMS before I bought the keyboard. The rest of the tracks were made with Ardour.

The tracks are sorted chronologically, except "Dead Printer" was actually written after "Haskell 2". I felt it sounds better .


War Drama Ending Theme (Oriental): When I was little, I would spend my evenings watching war-themed TV series with my grandparents. I couldn't care less about the predictable plotline and cheesy romance, but I distinctinvely remember the vibes. The lights are off, and I sat on grandpa's lap until the ending theme plays, when I had to brush my teeth and go to bed.

Incidentally, this song sounds a bit like "Gokuraku Jodo" by Garnidelia, which made me think there's something common in East Asia, hence its original working title "Oriental".

AKAITEST: Just bought the keyboard, gotta test it out

Rust: This is what I imagine a crab band would play

Basically Christmas Music: Feeling a bit lonely one winter night. I was like, "it would be awesome if a friend could drop by with some snacks and drinks". But I had nobody to call, so instead I wrote this.

My Nylon Lung: Inspired by "My Iron Lung" by Radiohead.

Haskell 1 & 2: Featuring complex time signatures. If Haskellers had a time signature, it would be 7/8.

Dead Printer: Original working title is "Everything In Its Right Place-ish". Then I realized it sounds nothing like that, but much colder. Picture walking in an empty factory but hearing creepy sounds. And a dead printer. Copy Copied Failed Close