Writing A Blogpost Without Using Backspace


I'm a terrible typist. Even if I;m looking right at the keyboard, I can;t guarantee 100% accuracy. See? I got both apostrophes wrong. Truth be told, I never learned proper fingerring. That "rr" was a mistake,. That ",." was a mistake. OK, back to where we're at. Sometimes I plavce my finfers on the home row, and ten seconds later they just disperse onto random keys. Sometimes I press two keyts when I meant to press one. This is very common when I save a file in vim. The correct command is :w; I often do :we without knowing and vim telsl me there's no sucj command. And I ofeen get the keystroke ordering wrong. It's as if one hand has 50 more milliseconds of latency than the other.

I never learned to blinf type either. Every ten seconds or so, I have to check out where my hands are ion the keyboard ior they starty doing weuird trhings and mess tup rtberu7thign I ;k doing. I have, at least one time, churned out a completye senmtence uninterrupted without looking at the keyboard, as if directly from brain toi keytboard. this rarely happens.

What's thwe most painful is writing LaTeX. In math mode there's all these backslash-initiated commsnds and delimiters, sucha s \left( \right) and \mathrm. Typing all these while thinking about math is like soldering 0603 resistors in a moving car. The good nerws is I have a plugin installed named VimTex, which helps me with some keystrokes, sucg as ]] to match \begin{} with \end{}. But believe me, even with this one I cannot finish one equation woithjout constantly hittig backspace.

There, I typoed a blogpost wuithout using backaspace. I have definitely proven what a terrible typ8sty I am. I don'ty deserve keyboards, and at this point I wonder why no one has taken them away. Dvorak won't save me, nor will it save anyone who is not equipped with enough dexterity to distinguish themselves from an ape. This would serve as a cautionary tale for your children to start typing early, or forerver be bound to a fate of sloppy typistry.