I Respect Furries


I respect furries. By "respect", I mean I acknowledge and appreciate certain aspects of a furry's personality. As of 2022, I am not a furry. But I know a thing or two about them. Despite this single umbrella term, they are actually a diverse community. In this blogpost however, there seems to be no point in taxonomy.

Warning: every sentence I write is speculation, i.e. not backed by any scientific claim or even empirical observation. If you are a furry reading this and what I wrote offends you, feel free to drop hatemail to my mailbox at any time.

It takes a lot of effort to be a furry. A minimum of one fursuit is a must, which often costs a handful to acquire and maintain. The bourgeoisie have it easy, but the rest of them have to be frugal, while at the same time taking care of their fursuit. I respect that, as much as I respect aspiring musicians saving every penny for a new guitar.

It might seem strange to see a fursuiter on their way to a convention, but what different is it from a fashion show? They both feature impractical but aesthetic outfits. Despite the weird looks, the fursuiter does not mind being in the spotlight. I respect that, as much as I respect people who wear their favorite band's merch from head to toe.

The average person does not understand furries. Indeed, explaining the life choice of being a furry is less straightforward than explaining stamp collecting. Nevertheless, furries are unfettered. I respect that, as much as I respect fans who enjoy a starting band "just because".

Furries are just people who happen to take an unconventional hobby that's higher-profile than usual, such as stamp collecting, and not remotely harmful, such as owning a fucking gun. I bet millions of non-furry people call them weirdos. But I think what they represent is the fraction of society who are just different, no more no less. I like things that are different. Ipso facto, I respect furries.