First published 2023-11-27

Latest version 2023-11-27

Yes — the inevitable "How I built my blog" blogpost! Except it's like the 44th post, and hey, at least it's not Jekyll or Hexo or WordPress (no offense).

Early history (2020)

I bought the domain on 2020-02-14 for 20.98 USD, after my previous domain, expired. was for my comics initially; my blog was hosted on

The meaning behind fkfd

fkfd is a contraction of fakefred.

fakefred, which happens to be my GitHub username, stems from the facts that (a) I go by the English name Frederick and (b) there was an "X might be fake" internet meme in mainland China.

In retrospect, fkfd is a genuinely high-quality name. All four letters are in the QWERTY home row. And I'm glad I didn't go for because that would be cringe.

First design

The first git commit was made on 2020-04-23.

I opted for MkDocs as the static site generator, forked the alabaster theme, and called it alabaster-lite. I disabled all JavaScript, kicked out all the clutter, and left this masterpiece:

Website titled "You are in the wrong place. Leave." followed by
a condescending paragraph demanding the reader to leave my

Background color

If you are reading in dark theme, you'll notice that the background color hasn't changed at all. It is #19202b.

Why this particular color? I don't know. Probably forgot. No comment in the CSS either. This kind of shit is why I keep a blog, to archive my motivations.

Then it was like this for one year and a half (2022)

Per git log, the next big update was in 2022-01-07. I graduated high school, and began to use as a legit blog, moving comics to I also reorganized all past blogposts (like 7 at the time) into categories (projects, random, shitpost).

Title "fkfd". Body: "Yes this is just a low effort blog why do you


Two days later I did a major redesign on the homepage.

Title "fkfd". Headings: "Categories", "Non-blog Content", "Fun", "All

A few months later I joined Fediring and increased the line spacing. But apart from that not so much changed.

Fast forward 7 months (2022-2023)

Bad design. Just no

On 2022-12-28 I was at home with covid. It really messes with your head. Which explains this absolute disaster of a design:

Every category is a solid colored block with a handdrawn icon. They form
a 2x3 grid.

It would have looked great, if my theme was more vibrant, which it is not.

Effort, however, is not wasted. The grid layout has been reused ever since.

Much better

Half a month later, 2023-01-15:

The solid color blocks are gone

Two days later:

Updated icons for ham radio and shitpost, and new icons for

About Me

I also included my About Me page in the heading, because I find it the most useful page when I'm visiting someone else's blog. What's interesting about you? What do you enjoy? What do we have in common? If it warrants a whole ass page, it deserves a heading unto itself.

Another 7 months (2023)

New categories

In summer 2023 I flew to the US to study at U of Michigan, thus the UMich category. There was only one music post, initially in Projects (namely Early Sunsets Over Monroeville), but I did anticipate more coming in the future, so I made it a category of its own. Turns out a great decision because of This Song Will Uncure Your Depression.

Categories section is now 2x4 grid

Blogposts I don't regret

The "Blogposts I don't regret" section was actually added in Janurary too. I didn't include it in my screenshot because then you won't be able to see my Fediring icons 🪐🚀

It was a compromise between "Featured blogposts" (narcissist) and "Blogposts that don't suck" (self-deprecating). I don't care about your opinion. I find them representative of my style, and thus good "entry points" for a new visitor.


Around this time I grew more and more accessibility-aware. A few problems were fixed, such as text contrast and heading levels.

This is not the right vibe

I've visited dozens of personal websites, but few do I consider "excellent". An "excellent" website is consistent in content and style, but manages to surprise me.

For example, maia crimew's website delivers all its promises:

  • soft kitten
  • disregard of authority
  • gay

It lowkey disappoints me when someone's website fails to capture their energy. I feel like if you are gay, a furry, a pirate, or a gay furry pirate, you most certainly deserve a decent website to show off that energy. Not that techbro-style boilerplate.

Unfortunately, my blog falls right into this category. As a remedy, I would try to add an essential element of any good website:


Thus on 2023-11-05:

Three icons on top of page, including a contour of a cat

It is a link to my About Me page, which does mention my affinity to cats.

A more subdued approach

At this point, there are three sets of icons on my homepage:

  • header icons (about, x, links)
  • categories
  • fediring

Categories are supposed to be the focus, and the other two are stealing it. Also it looks terrible on mobile. Not good. I reverted the design only one week later.

But the assets were still there. Plus, I really liked the cat icon. Meanwhile the sidebar is mostly empty. And there we go!

Four icons in sidebar: cat head (about me), radiating atom (atom feed),
balls and sticks (links), ascii tilde (~x). Below are fediring


I also made alternative icons for the categories that appear on hover. The problem is that, the browser does not prefetch them, and they flicker for a few milliseconds on the first hover. I can't find any non-hacky way to fix it.