Joke CQ that somehow turned into a QSO


It was 01:08 local time, an hour after midnight. I was explaining what I could do with a ham radio license to my roommates, and powered on my station (UV-5R). My roommate wanted to know if the cranes in the construction site were still in operation, so I scanned from 430.000 MHz. It soon became evident not a single fucking soul was on air.

He joked, "hey what if you called? Will anyone respond? That's legal, right? Given you tell them your callsign and, uhh, stuff."

"Yeah of course," I said. "Wanna try?"

"Haha why not," he turns to the other roommate who's gaming, "hey here's your chance to preach about Jiaran" and he was like "lmao alright whatever"

I began transmission, "CQ CQ CQ This is BH4FXW Bravo Hotel Four Foxtrot Xray Whiskey here's a message from my roommate" hands roommate the mic

"…?? please subscribe to Jiaran thanks meow"

I released the PTT button. "See? Your voice has been broadcast to everyone within about one kilometer."

And that was the end of the story. Except it's not. The backlight went on and a voice goes:

"BH4FXW this is BH4(redacted) Bravo Hotel Four (redacted). Why are you still awake?"

I recognized this callsign, it's my ham friend upstairs.

"OK listen this began as a joke between me and my roommate, but how the hell are you on this frequency too"

"This is a pretty common frequency to moniter dude"

Then we exchanged our QTH, RIG and all sorts of parameters and 73'd this conversation. I'm glad I didn't go too far in my CQ call I thought no one would hear.

The room explodes in laughter for obvious reasons, and that's basically how my second QSO went.