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This is Frederick Yin, born 2003-03-06, he/they, connected to the internet for memes, computer stuff, electronics, and catpics. I have 3k+ catpics on my disk. Go figure.

I live in Shanghai, UTC+8:00. To other humans, I speak Mandarin and English. To silicon, I speak Python and C.

I am an undergrad in electrical and computer engineering exorcism, but the status quo is I can't do shit. And no, I don't know Rust. I don't own an oscilloscope, but this is expected to change. I do have a ThinkPad that runs Arch Linux though. Yes, it's full of stickers, why do you ask.

The things I enjoy most are (in no particular order):

  • science fiction
  • thinking about how cool space really is
  • twenty øne piløts
  • collecting catpics and laughing uncontrollably to the best ones
  • plushies (yes this includes blåhaj)
  • playing air drums
  • playing bass
  • downloading papers I do not understand
  • talking about how Alexandra Elbakyan is a hero and capitalism must be burned to the ground
  • impulse starting a new side project that's even more stupid than the last one

That's about it. Stay hydrated, don't overclock yourself, and take care.

My PGP key is 3E46 7B22 82D7 2858.

About my blog




All blogposts are CC BY-NC 4.0 unless otherwise stated.


Nobody builds their blog with MkDocs. What's wrong with you

Tired of social media buttons and fancy animations that come at the cost of computer juice, I quit. So here you are, in a static-site blog generated with MkDocs (a documentation engine written in Python, like Sphinx). I call this "Blogumentation".

Here is a list of tools that I ruled out:

  • ssg6 — A static site generator written in shell. Extremely simple yet versatile. Sadly, it'll take forever for me to settle on a template or CSS, and, given so much privilege, I will most probably break everything.
  • A self-hosted pastebin. The links would be a mess, albeit short.
  • HTML+CSS from scratch. Same as ssg6.
  • Sphinx. It graduated with a .rst degree, but who uses rsts these days.
  • Hugo. I didn't want a Go environment on my machine. (Update: Joke's on me, I installed go later and wrote a bit of it. But still no.)
  • Hexo, Jekyll, etc: I didn't want a Node.js/Ruby environment, and I mean it this time. Keep them away.


You will not find any of these in my blogposts, as long as I am in control:

  • Advertisements
  • Analytics
  • JavaScript (as an executable; code blocks don't count)

Last updated: 2023-02-15