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This is Frederick Yin, born 2003-03-06, he/him or they/them, connected to the internet for memes, computer stuff, electronics, and catpics.

I grew up in Shanghai and now study in Ann Arbor, Michigan. To other humans, I speak Mandarin, English, and entry-level German. To silicon, I speak C, C++, Python, JavaScript, a little Rust and a tiny amount of Haskell.

I am an undergrad in computer engineering exorcism, but the status quo is I can't do shit. I don't own an oscilloscope (yet). I do have two ThinkPads that run Arch Linux though. Yes, they're full of stickers, why do you ask.

Favorite things:

  • playing bass
  • making music
  • cats (don't own any yet but will eventually)
  • plushies (yes I have two blåhaj)
  • PCBs
  • linux

Interested in:

  • space-themed science fiction
  • languages (both natural and programming)
  • ham radio
  • accessibility

Least favorite things:

  • capitalism
  • "web 3"
  • microsoft windows
  • differential equations

Bands I listen to (in order of discovery):

  • twenty øne piløts
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Green Day
  • Linkin Park
  • Radiohead

Indie artists I follow on Bandcamp:

That's about it. Stay hydrated, don't overclock yourself, and take care.

My PGP key is 3E46 7B22 82D7 2858.

About my blog




All blogposts are CC BY-NC 4.0 unless otherwise stated.


Nobody builds their blog with MkDocs. What's wrong with you

Tired of social media buttons and fancy animations that come at the cost of computer juice, I quit. So here you are, in a static-site blog generated with MkDocs (a documentation engine written in Python, like Sphinx). I call this "Blogumentation".

Here is a list of tools that I ruled out:

  • ssg6 — A static site generator written in shell. Extremely simple yet versatile. Sadly, it'll take forever for me to settle on a template or CSS, and, given so much privilege, I will most probably break everything.
  • A self-hosted pastebin. The links would be a mess, albeit short.
  • HTML+CSS from scratch. Same as ssg6.
  • Sphinx. It graduated with a .rst degree, but who uses rsts these days.
  • Hugo. I didn't want a Go environment on my machine. (Update: Joke's on me, I installed go later and wrote a bit of it. But still no.)
  • Hexo, Jekyll, etc: I didn't want a Node.js/Ruby environment, and I mean it this time. Keep them away.

Pledge of ethics

On this blog, there will be:

  • no advertisements
  • no analytics or trackers
  • no required JavaScript, if any
  • no ChatGPT-written articles

Last updated: 2024-02-09